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Tizeze Tour, a private Ethiopian owned tour company that offers wide selections of package, tailor-made and customized tours (we are flexible to meet your interest) throughout the beautiful & timeless country of Ethiopia. It was established early in 2005, however, the managing director has long (9 years) been working for other travel and tour companies in various positions; tour operation manager, tour operator, tour guide and consultant. Hence, our clients are welcomed everywhere and treated as friends. Tizeze respects and abides by rules and regulations. It provides a great contribution for the economic growth and promotion of the country.

Historical evidences have proven that Ethiopia is a country with a history that goes 3000 years back. Like many other aspect of Ethiopia, the history of the country is unique and intriguing. Thus being an ancient country has enabled Ethiopian to accumulate an enormous amount of cultural relics. More over the country is also endowed with a variety of natural resources. Accordingly, Ethiopia stands top in Africa to register 9 world heritage sites under UNESCO.

Simien National Park (added to the list in 1978,Lalibela (1978, The First Group of Churches, The Second Group of Churches, Bete Giorgis (The House of St. George), Fasil Gibi (1979), Axsum (1980), Tiya (1980, Lower Omo Valley(1980), Lower Awash Valley (1980), Walled City of Harar (2006), Konso(2011).

David and Pam I highly recommend Tizeze Tours. The tour operator guides, and driver were excellent. All were competent...

Alicia The best tour company in which all the guides and drivers provided a safe, informative and amazing adventure....

William Roberts What an adventure! I visited places in Ethiopia where I had been before but still learned so many fascinating....

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