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Ethiopia is rare in that it offers besides its 3000 years long history; timeless legends, religious practices and colorful festivals evoking Biblical times; fascinating historical monuments, ruins of edifices, antiquity, art and cultures; awe-inspiring views of the highlands, sculpted sandstone cliffs, lush forests, beautiful lakes, deserts and national parks and wildlife…. the list is endless.

Ethiopia is truly a tourist paradise and unique experience; different from anywhere else you have ever visited and beyond all imaginations. Come and enjoy all the wonders of this extraordinary destination through tours designed and organized by Tizeze tours Ethiopia, strictly on the level Ethiopian Tour Company. We will show you the way and make your tour requests simple.

Tizeze Tours Ethiopia is an exclusively well organized Ethiopian owned tour company that offers wide range of tours throughout the beautiful and diverse land of Ethiopia. We are here to serve you in accordance to your various interests. Count on Tizeze Tours Ethiopia for a memorable tour and travel experience in the beautiful and massive land of Ethiopia!

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